About me

I am a west coast gal that enjoys getting outside to play with my 2 two babes, digging in the dirt to grow our own veggies and herbs. Whether basking in the sun on the beach or in the crisp snowy mountains I am very passionate about living a lifestyle that honors nature and her natural rythms. I am a bit of a minimalist and strive to slow down our days so that we are able to be more fully present with ourselves and with each other.

As a woman, I believe that pregnancy, birth and the journey of motherhood and parenting is an opportunity to grow, to become more mindful, self-aware and more attuned with our highest potential for concious love. It requires a great trusting in our bodies, our natural design and the ability to listen to our own intuition.

As a doula, I listen to you (and your partner) with an open heart, and adapt to what your needs are. Although I am a natural minded person I am also realistic in understanding that every woman’s birth story unfolds differently and my role is supportive in empowering every mama to be informed of her options and assert her own decisions to guide her care .

I bring to the table my experience in being “with woman” through the physical, emotional and spiritual demands of labour, a calm, heart centerd energy, and a variety of trusted community resources. Please contact me to chat about any questions you may have.


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